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Farm Where You Live Spring Festival
WHEN: April 6, 2024
LOCATION: Asheville, NC

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Permaculture P.I.M.P cast 
Bonus Episode: The Homesteading REALTOR!
Aired OCT 3, 2023

Thriving Farmer Podcast
Episode 255: Tim and Sophia Eng on Cooking and Community Cultivation
Aired OCT 31, 2023

Past Events

Thriving Farmer Vegetable Summit
WHEN: JAN 11-14, 2024
LOCATION: Virtual 

Back to the Land Homesteading Summit
WHEN: SEP 22-24, 2023
LOCATION: Centerville, TN

Back to the Land Homesteading Summit
WHEN: OCT 18-20, 2024
LOCATION: Centerville, TN

Modern Homesteading Conference
WHEN: TBD 2025
LOCATION: Coeur D'alene, ID

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Helpful tips on what to look for and avoid when purchasing land for homesteading or farming.

Homesteading Land Guide