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Looking to transform dirt into soil and want to know the next steps? Are you interested in a custom permaculture design for your property? 

I love to meet with people and build our community up. Contact me if you are interested in having me speak.

Need help buying or selling your property and want to work with me? My team and I will walk you through the process to make it stress-free.


Here's how we can work

Schedule a free 15 min consultation with me so that I can better understand your home buying or selling goals. At the end of our call, you'll have a roadmap on next steps.

Real Estate Consultation

Speaking Topics
- How to find land to build a homestead on
- Transitioning to Homestead Life from the City
- The Living Soil and How We Can Create A Lasting Legacy with No-Till, Traditional Farming Methods

Event Speaker

  • Custom Permaculture Design 
  • Scout out land for you 
  • Test soil and balance minerals
  • Test soil and use KNF / JADAM solutions

  • Custom Permaculture Design Plan for your property
  • Scout out land for you and make recommendations
  • Test your soil and recommend minerals to balance it
  • Test your soil and recommend KNF / JADAM solutions

Land and Soil Consultation

  • Proximity to power transmission and 5G towers
  • Next to heavily used, main road
  • Heavily forested

What are some no-go / deal breakers when searching for property?


Water. Your property needs to have a source of clean drinking water for yourself, your plants, and your animals.

What is the most critical thing to look for on land?


What is your sense of urgency? If you think you are behind the power curve and should have grown food a year ago, invest as little on land as possible by leveraging the bank, and reserve cash for infrastructure (fencing, barn, builds), feed, assets & equipment (tractor), seeds and livestock.

How much do i spend on land vs infrastructure?


Depends on the market you are looking in. Generally speaking, $7K - $15K per acre for pasture lands. Of course there are exceptions but use these numbers for budgeting purposes.

How much does land go for?


It really depends on your goals. Rather than wait for the perfect property, start off small and build up. You can do so much with even 1 acre. Now is the time to put what you learn into practice. Nothing beats real life experience when farming.

How many acres should i purchase?


Although interest rates are up, properties in general are selling for under asking price. You can purchase property at it's true value rather than having to over-bid. Do prices compare to 5 years ago? No, so don't delay any further.

Is now the right time to buy?


Frequently Asked Questions

-Hillary and Vincent

"He knows the market extremely well and is able to ensure that his clients have a good chance of getting a home."

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"Tim was literally a God send for us."

-leria and justin

"He worked endlessly to get us the right deal."

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Helpful tips on what to look for and avoid when purchasing land for homesteading or farming.

Homesteading Land Guide